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                   If interested in acquiring a puppy, please fill out & submit the puppy application and                                                                                        $25.00 application fee. 

                                   If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call  

                                               Cell 404-457-5425 or email

Please...... make sure that your seriously interested in purchasing a puppy when filling out the puppy application.

The website is updated almost daily, if you see a puppy that your interested in & it doesn't say Pending (application received), Reserved (deposit placed) or Sold, then that particular pup is still available.

            ***The price of each pup is subject to change unless the puppy is pending or reserved***



Pet Price means we'll sell pup on a Spay/Neuter Contract. You'll receive CKC Registration (Pet Registration) Papers when you provide proof of the pup being spayed or neutered. You'll also receive copies of the parents IBC Pedigree's

Full IBC Registration allows for Showing & Breeding Rights. You'll receive the pup's IBC German Registration in the mail.

We only register the puppies with the IBC after the last puppy has sold in each litter of Biewer's.

       Gabri also comes            from Kiev Ukraine               and  has many                  champions in her                   background


       Below are             Pictures of past                puppies 
           Now Adopted                            

 Born Nov. 14th 4 beautiful boys

              Eddrick is                          champion sired                both Mom and dad                   champions                   He came to live with 

 From me  Kiev Ukraine 

          Baron now 12                            weeks                                     Adopted                                           

                         has been adopted
                           Has been adopted

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