Soleil De         Mon Coeur                  and               Eddrick Hot             Heart            Have one Girl        Available 


         Traditional                       Female                            Piper                               $2200                      Born 3/11/2021


Traditional Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

$ 1800.00 USD

Males starting at $1800. Females starting at $2200. Male Sable Yorkies $2200. Female Sable Yorkies $2500.00 depending on size and conformation.


    Please Read All           information On              This PAGE

    Application               for                puppies is at      the bottom of      this page

  Soleil and Eddrick Have One Male and   two Females. Born              3/11/2021            

    Application and              Deposits at                    four weeks

        Eddrick Hot   Heart of Bee-Bee               York    

         Sire:                   German                 Biewer               Yorkshire 

     Champion               Sired


                Augie                              SOLD

                                 Dame :            Gold Sable Yorkshire

   "Bonnie Bunny Joy"         of Sweet Creations


Also can pay friends and family for no extra charge using my email address through your Paypal account. To


Deposit to hold includes 3.5% PayPal fee's

$ 207.00 USD

Yorkie puppies are AWESOME family additions!!!!!

Each puppy has a great personallity and will make a perfact edition to any family.


Yorkie Puppy
Payment Choice

                         PUPPY APPLICATION

    There is a $25 .00 Application fee for processing 

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 If interested in acquiring a puppy, please fill out & submit the puppy application. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call 770-942-7633 H 404-457-5425 C or email

Please...... make sure that your seriously interested in purchasing a puppy when filling out the puppy application.

The website is updated almost daily, if you see a puppy that your interested in & it doesn't say Pending (application received), Reserved (deposit placed) or Sold, then that particular pup is still available.

***The price of each pup is subject to change unless the puppy is pending or reserved***


Pet Price means we'll sell the pup on a Spay/Neuter Contract. 

Full CKC Registration allows Showing & Breeding Rights, at additional charge.